Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Small Thing

Baby #5.

I am a seasoned mother.

I know my body.

Boys make me nauseas for the first trimester. They make me throw up a couple times. I am tired, but most days I can skip the nap and opt for an earlier than normal bedtime.

Girls are a completely different story. Nauseas is taken to a whole new level. To stand up is to throw up. Grocery store? Please NO!!! Tired? Can I even get off the couch? A nap in the morning plus an afternoon nap is essential in order to even function...at a very low level.

Girls make me crave chocolate. With boys its cold cereal. Girls cause issues with my veins (we won't go into details). Boys, not so much.

I like patterns. Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl. Nice pattern.

I have ALWAYS correctly guessed the gender. It was pretty easy to tell by about week 6.

So, I am pregnant. I didn't even know I was pregnant on week 6. I was mildly nauseas on some days. Many days I felt so good I forgot I was pregnant or felt certain that I had miscarried. I have had 4 naps this whole pregnancy, and only a handful of early-to-beds. Throw up? THREE times. And what about our pattern? A BOY is next on the list. I MUST be having a boy.

Like I said, I am a seasoned mother. I know my body. I KNOW what pregnant feels like.

What? A Girl? Are you sure? I made them check three different times at three different angles. GIRLS ARE NOT EASY FOR ME...AND THIS HAS BEEN MY EASIEST PREGNANCY! How can this baby be a girl? I have narrowed it down to 2 different reasons why this pregnancy has not followed our typical pattern:

1) The baby is actually an IT. It doesn't have either male or female organs, and no hormones. The correct terminology would be Hermaphrodite.


2) Heavenly Father provided a miracle. He knew that we needed this little girl and that she needed to come this year. He knew that Remington desperately needed the extra help with his reading and the safety of our home. He knew that Indi needed the time with Mom and the time "playing Mom with Emri". He knew that Walker needed the extra help with his letters and lots of extra kisses. He knew that we needed time together as a family. He knew that I needed to know that He was beside me helping me every step of the way and smoothing the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in my way.

He got His message across.

A girl? I am still in shock. Thrilled. But shocked.


Stephanie Salmon said...

Wow, that is awesome. So cool that you can see the miracle in it all. I admire you so much.

Parley and Anna said...

Hooray for miracles! I'm so glad you've been blessed!

Andrea said...

How nice! I would definitely sign up for more kids if I could have a decent pregnancy. And with each one, I hoped Heavenly Father would know how much I needed an easy pregnancy, but it never happened, which is why I think He doesn't want me having any more children.

Just kidding. I'm so relieved for you that you have felt good this round. Cause I wouldn't wish the horrors of "morning" sickness on anyone. And I'm glad the home schooling is going so well. You are awesome!

Kylee said...

Aw Lena your post gave me the chills...definitely a miracle! you DESERVE it :) I love you! SO glad I got to see you guys for a little bit while I was home. Miss you already!

Haley K said...

loved getting your text sis!! I can only imagine how excited Indi & Emri are...a little sister! :) And I'm so glad to hear that this pregnancy has been so much better than the rest! And i loved that you shared your feelings of Heavenly Father being aware of you and your need to be even more there for your sweet kids lately...love it :)

Kasey said...

Congratulations! So happy too that this little girl is going easy on you. I know what you mean about a typical "girl pregnancy." Not fun. Good to hear. We're excited for you guys.

Peterson Family said...

HOORAY! I am thrilled for you!! :)

Emily said...

I'm happy to hear you are having the easiest pregnancy so far...that IS a miracle! I hope she will be the easiest baby so far too! (I wasn't so lucky. #5 was hardest pregnancy AND hardest baby) Good luck & Congrats!

Cherie said...

Yeah! That is awesome and amazing.

Marsha said...

The more significant the message or the need the more powerful the miracle. I'd say you have truly seen the Lord's hand here. And so grateful you have heard his message of love and support for you in your calling with these sweet children. My heart is full seeing this post. We join you in your gratitude.