Monday, September 12, 2011

A Love Affair

Some people, in my opinion, are incredibly smart, and some are incredibly stupid. I typically throw all media into the the stupid category: FOX news and CNN are too far on either side of the debate to be smart. Hollywood in general proves over and over that they definitely do NOT belong in the smart category ( a select few make it into the talented category, but that is another blog). So, who is smart? First, I will tickle you taste buds with an excerpt:

"Government taxes cigarettes to stop people from smoking, not to get them to smoke. Government fines speeders so they won't speed, not to encourage them to drive faster. And yet contrary to common sense, it seems perfectly natural to some people that government would tax people who work or companies that are successful only to give that money to people who don't work and to bail out losing companies. The thought never crosses their minds that these policies are the very reason why our economy is in such bad shape."
Wall Street Journal contributor Mr. Laffer
Mr. Laffer, I love you. Your entire article was genius. You, at least in economics, are a very smart man.

And, Wall Street Journal, I love you as well. You are one smart cookie...errr... paper.


Parley and Anna said...

He is smart! I have never heard it articulated in that way. Something's for sure, things have got to change. Wait! I thought that's why we got Obama!?!

All right, now I'm stepping into the dangerous ground of politics. I think I'll step back out to where it's safe!

Andrea said...


EmJay said...

Loved it! I can't wait to share it with Jon.