Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee

How many days have you gone without washing your hair? My longest was over a week--amazing what a single girl will do to keep the boys away. (Or, that is what I tell myself. I am sure it's not because I am/was disgusting and lazy)

Today is my second longest record. 5 days without water (sweat does not count as water.)

The picture is a little disappointing. I look far more worthy of a shower in real life. (clarifier: I have had a SHOWER on my BODY...just my HAIR is neglected.) So neglected, that it has not been combed since Sunday. It has been in the same raggedy knot on the top of my head for 3 1/2 full days.

This is what homeschooling does to a woman.

I had to make a goal to spend at least 1 minute looking in the mirror. Enough time to throw on some eye shadow and mascara (a very good thing if you have blonde lashes and look nude around the eyes el natural.)

Next goal: spend one more additional minute brushing my teeth in the morning.

Or, maybe I should spend that one minute washing my hair...that takes longer than one minute, so it will have to wait until the "school year" is over.

Small and simple = great things...right?

Line upon line = great things...right?

My personal mantra: I did not come to earth to look amazing or be fabulous. I wanted to be a mother.

I am being a mother.

P.S. Please notice the beautiful color of the walls in my office and the cute green chairs (which Ryan refuses to sit in, he prefers a hard, ugly plastic one.) Rather amusing that "blue" makes me so happy.

And when will those eyebrows ever get plucked? Afterlife?


Kristen said...

Ah! The sacrifices we make for our children. You are an AMAZING mom, Lena. Way to choose the better part. and p.s. you're still as cute as a button washed hair or no.

LaNan said...

Yep. Still cute. I went on accutane last february and it dried me up so much that I only have to wash my hair every 5's glorious! I think they should market it to busy moms and not just acne patients. :) One day at a time my friend. You are amazing!

EmJay said...

You are so beautiful. I wish I looked half as good as you with unwashed hair for five days! Keep up the good work.

Andrea said...

This picture cracks me up because my office is the same light blue with green (I even have the exact same green plastic file bins). And I haven't washed my hair in a couple days, either. Granted, it's for a new regime of treating my curls right, and not for lack of time, but it looks and feels disgusting. I was just thinking I need to go back to washing with shampoo and treating my curls wrong. I looked a lot better back then.

I was also thinking that my main goal in life is not to look good, so why do I feel so shameful going out in public like this? I blame the media. Because I can.

Kasey said...

I hear you. Getting hair washed/done and makeup on is such a pain! Too often I have come home from errands or taking kids places and glanced in a mirror and thought, "Did I really go out in public like that?? Oh how embarrassing." Ah well, it's a good thing you're a natural beauty. You still look great!

Red Bed Head said...

Hair... I think I tied you in college... was it when we lived in the Big Blue House? And yesterday I just hit 3 days without washing my hair and it looked pretty nasty!