Monday, October 24, 2011

Another One bites the dust

Family Night is always pretty adventurous around here. It takes some courage just to attempt it.

Tonight, we actually had a preformed plan...and when friends invited us to join them in their fun adventures, we declined. Because ours was going to be awesome family time at its greatest. Lots of Love. Lots of Laughs. Lots and Lots of Pictures. And, of course, Lots of yummy Treats!

The plan: Get the wagon and strollers out and go on a spooky walk, complete with spooky music, down the spooky canal until we reach the country market on the corner. Then, we would pick out and purchase our pumpkins and treats, take lots of pics, and then happily head home.

The reality: Spooky walk went good. Nobody fell into the canal like on our last walk in the dark. The pumpkin patch and store were closed...wait...did they want business? Who goes to the pumpkin patch during the middle of the day? Isn't that a night thing? Plan B...oh scrud-o!

We ended up going to a little park and having a lesson on family love...and then sang one of my favorite primary songs, "God gave us Families". Then, we listened to the kids fight the rest of the way home.

I am so glad they were listening.


Haley K said...

Oh what a fun plan :) The spooky music on the walk...I would have loved to see your cute kiddos soak it all up! Sorry it didn't turn out exactly how you planned... but hey, pumpkin patches in the afternoon are okay :)

The Kelly Variety said...

I'm pretty sure you get points in heaven for actually having a plan. I'd just like to think maybe fighting is how they show their love and obviously you are an amazing teacher because they did it ALL the way home.

But, you did say lots of pictures??

*I didn't make up any cheers for Olivia, now I feel like a loser mom - What was I thinking??

Andrea said...

This is why we don't plan anymore. We fly by the seat of our pants, and contrary to the whole theory about preparation, it works best for us. I find that if I have a plan, I am unable to let it go, even when it's not working. Which makes me frustrated and stubborn, and unable to switch gears, which causes me to miss a lot of good, natural teaching opportunities. I call/justify it: letting the Spirit guide.

Although, if the goal is cute pictures, planning is the only way to go. And yelling for everyone to for-the-love-of-Pete-SMILE!

Parley and Anna said...

I am also on the no-plan plan for FHE, but that's mostly because I always forget until about 10 minutes before the kids should be in bed. Good thing our FHE's only last about 3 minutes, on a good day: song, prayer, "Jesus said we should speak kindly to others" and prayer. Then "Goodnight my sweet loves!"