Saturday, November 5, 2011

That's MY Man!

Seriously, the guy should be a model for Ralph Lauren underwear. Check out that pose. So natural. So cool. So collected.

We were meant to be together...but then, I thought that was fairly obvious to the world since date #2.

It was one of those moments. Those moments when you're heart is beating wildly inside you and you just wanna jump up and scream in a semi-fanatical way "He's MINE!!" "Isn't he AMAZING?" "Back away ladies--I'm willing to fight for him!"

We had a wonderful Halloween! (wish I had taken more pictures, but this year I at least remembered to grab the camera and wear around my neck...Maybe next year I will remember to use it!) Little Emri is the only one we caught on camera. (In my defense, Ryan was in charge of the ward halloween party and so I spent that night helping him get ready and just arriving at the party with the kids was a feat in itself. Then we hosted a party for some of our homeschool friends--such a fun afternoon--but I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone let alone take pictures! And then we hosted another dinner party on the night of halloween for some friends and neighbors to come eat with us before we busted out to trick or treat together...ummm yeah...let's just say that was another busy night! And the last 7 days have been spent trying to recover from last week!)

PS-- I really do love that nerd who stands beside me.


Haley K said...

Corrie and I are laughing and smiling because of all the goodness from this post!! LOVED your halloween costumes :) The belly definitely topped it off perfectly ;) Glad you guys enjoyed such fun halloween festivities!...and glad you've been able to recover from the parties and sugar highs :)

The Kelly Variety said...

So, what did you dress up as? Hehe...I was "Super Mom" and I had to wear a shirt to prove it!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh I love you guys! I am laughing out loud. So so funny. Your costumes and poses were AWESOME. That video was hysterical!!! What a funny party game... though I wish I could have seen Ry's expression better. And holy party animals! I knew about a few of the parties but you guys are way to nice to host so many crazy parties... sounded like fun! oooh and I loved Emri's costume- did you make it? Adorable.

Peterson Family said...

That video is hilarious! I love it! And I am sooo with you on the picture taking... I have been so bad! I LOVE Emry's costume!! So adorable! I hope you are feeling well and that your little peanut is treating you well! :)